Westbrook & Thompson

Monday 1st October 2018


We are delighted to share with you that Wilsons has agreed to take on the Westbrook & Thompson business.
The South London wholesaler of household hardware and DIY products has been established since 1919, offering quality products and service to retailers and trade outlets across the country.This is an excellent move forwards for Wilsons, and ensures that all customers can still get supply of Westbrook’s unique range of products.For those of you who are not familiar with their range, we look forward to sharing all the new lines with you very soon! Stock will be transferred to Colchester during this week. We will be giving you daily updates. Make sure to check our news section on the website. Please get in touch through your usual contacts if you have any questions.


The bulk of the Westbrook stock arrived at our warehouse on Thursday, and we are expecting the remainder of the products on Monday. Our Warehouse Team started working their way through the pallets Friday morning, and we are confident that with the help of additional staff, we will have all the new stock lines available very soon!  Since Thursday morning we have also been working hard to list the new products on all our systems including the website. To make it easy for you, we are adding the Westbrook & Thompson codes to all the products including our existing lines. In the meantime, we would encourage everyone to place their orders as usual. We aim to start dispatching orders soon.  Follow us here for further updates!

Call us on: 01206 86 11 22
Email: sales@wilsonscolchester.com
Fax: 01206 87 82 49

We are pleased to share with you that we have now received all the stock Westbrook & Thompson. The office has been relentlessly working to load the new lines onto our system, which we expect will be finished by Monday morning (11th June). Customers will be delighted to hear that our portfolio will increase by about 1000 new products which will all be enabled on our website during next week.You will be able to search by the WT product codes as these will be added to the description of all products including our existing lines. Initially the new lines will show as out of stock until we have completed new racking and put stock into locations. Target date for this to be complete is Friday 15th June.
Despite the amount there is to be done we are confident we will be ready to dispatch orders latest by week commencing 25th June. In the meantime you are welcome to place your orders using the WT codes.

Most of the Westbrook & Thompson products are now available on our website! These are searchable by WT codes, or by typing Westbrook into the SEARCH-GENIETMWe hope to get the last few showing by the end of today. Please note these lines will initially show as out of stock, until they have been booked in and made available for dispatch.  We aim to finalize this by the end of this week (Friday 22nd). 

We are delighted to confirm that we are now dispatching orders for W&T stock. For the time being you can still use your Westbrook & Thompson catalogue to place orders, and we will be able to cross reference any Westbrook & Thompson product codes for you, to ensure you get the right products. There will be a new brochure in August, which will combine ranges from both companies. Click here to view the range.