Elbow Grease Oven Cleaning Kit

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The Elbow Grease® Oven Cleaning Kit is your 'All in 1' deep clean oven cleaner which comes in an easy to use bottle format with bag and gloves included, helping to keep the whole process as simple as possible for you.

Directions for Use
To begin, refer to the oven cleaning manual/instructions to ensure the product is suitable for your oven. Please read through all the safety instructions and information on the box prior to use. Inspect the gloves and bag provided and do not use if they are damaged in any way. Ensure the bag has no leaks by filling with water prior to use. Empty water out before use. Gloves must be worn at all times and arms and wrists should be covered. Gloves are provided for convenience only, use of long protective gloves is recommended. Please refer to manufacturer's instructions for suitability.

To Clean Racks and Grill
Carefully place up to two racks into the bag provided, taking care not to puncture or tear the bag. Add approximately 2/3 of the oven cleaner and seal the bag, dispelling as much as air as possible. Fold the bag around the rack(s) and gently tilt the bag until the racks are coated with the cleaning solution and leave for 2 hours, stand it upright with the seal at the top. Leave in a suitable and safe place out of reach of children and away from surfaces that could be damaged by any leakage. After 2 hours tilt the bag again, to re-coat the rack(s) and soak for a further 4 hours. 

For best results, leave overnight. For vitreous enamel leave for no more than 2 hours.

To remove the rack(s), open the bag and pull downwards at the sides. Do not reach inside. Remove the rack(s) and rinse carefully with hot soapy water.
Disposal: Partially fill the bag with water, seal and tilt so the solution collects in one bottom corner. Cut off the other corner of the bag and then tilt back to allow the residue to be safely poured away down the sink.

To Clean Inside the Oven
Pour some of the remaining solution into the centre of the oven.
Apply to the areas to be cleaned using a cloth / sponge.
Leave to soak for at least 4 hours, for best results leave overnight, avoid contact with the oven door seals, trims, glass panel, pilot light or heating and fan elements. Protect surfaces around the oven.
Remove residue with a cloth / sponge and rinse with hot soapy water.
A second application may be required depending on build up.

Disposal of the Bottle: Simply rinse the bottle with water and dispose of in a safe way.

- Check surface material before applying and refer to manufacturer's instructions. If in doubt do not use.
- Use on most common stainless steel and enamel surfaces.
- Protect surfaces from any leakage.
- Ventilate the room during and after use.
- Rinse and dry hands after use.
- Always wear a suitable chemical resistant protective glove when handling the product and cover your arms.

Do Not:
- Use on aluminium, zinc, copper, tin, painted damaged, self-cleaning oven, glass tray and panel or non-stick surfaces.
- Let the solution come into contact with the oven door seals, glass panel, trims, pilot light or heating and fan elements.
- Leave the bag or treated area unattached or where children or animals will come into contact with it.
- Shake the bag containing the oven cleaner.
- Place hot or sharp edged racks in the cleaning bag, or use on a hot oven.
- Mix with any other product.
- Eat or drink whilst using this product. 


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