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Abi Hopkins

My Role: Sales Support & Credit Control

Meet Abi Hopkins

Brian Turney

My Role: Stock Control

Meet Brian Turney

Clifford Hunt

My Role: Warehouse Supervisor

Meet Clifford Hunt

Gab Philippou

My Role: Operations

Meet Gab Philippou

Gary Hopkins

My Role: Director

Meet Gary Hopkins

Ivan Hibbert

My Role: Operations

Meet Ivan Hibbert

Ivan Hopkins

My Role: Director

Meet Ivan Hopkins

Loren Ward

My Role: Area Sales Manager

Meet Loren Ward

Nick Foxall

My Role: Area Sales Manager

Meet Nick Foxall

Nora Deme

My Role: Marketing Assistant

Meet Nora Deme

Phil Iron

My Role: Operations

Meet Phil Iron

Phil Reynolds

My Role: Area Sales Manager

Meet Phil Reynolds

Ron Whitbread

My Role: Accounts Support

Meet Ron Whitbread

Sally Madden

My Role: Purchase Ledger

Meet Sally Madden

Sophie Waters

My Role: Sales Support

Meet Sophie Waters

Steven Horn

My Role: Warehouse Manager

Meet Steven Horn